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Homemade Pizza Recipe

I’m surprised if anyone doesn’t know about “PIZZA”, doesn’t it? Everywhere in the country, every city in the world probably has a pizza place. It’s actually pretty cheap and so tasty. Even our tongues get wet by the thought of “PIZZA”. Basically, a well-baked flattened dough base topped with tomato, cheese, and other ingredients is what we call “PIZZA”, and as we all know PIZZA is an uninvited friend of all times in every celebration. As we all know, today this savory dish of Italian origin is served in many restaurants and even made in homes very easily. The homemade pizza recipes are so tasty and fresh compared to those which we buy.

The thing which you want to know is the correct way of making pizza recipes. When we searched YouTube how to make pizza we got thousands of videos but you may have tried them and still, you were not being able to make the perfect pizza recipes.

Today make sure you watch the full video because I’m going to tell
you the tricks and focus you on them so that I’m sure you will be able to make the yummy perfect pizza recipes. Today we are going to make three types of yummy pizza recipes. Marguerite pizza is the one we will be making first, next goes the yummy pizza Bianca which is also known as the White pizza and at last our favorite pizza Classic pepperoni pizza. Here we go to make our yummy pizza recipes,

Pizza only take few ingredients to make,

  • Warm water 2 ½ cup
  • A little bit of yeast
  • Sugar 1TSP
  • Salt 1 ½ TSP
  • Flour 7 cups
  • Olive oil 6 TSP
  • Cheese
  • Tomato ketchup

To make a perfect pizza we must make the perfect dough as the base of a pizza is well-baked dough. First of all, let’s do the dough. Make sure you follow the way I do.

  • Step-1: Add sugar to warm water and add yeast. Stir it and see whether the yeast is alive. (if yeast is alive, bubbles appear on top). If it’s not bubbling that means it’s a problem with your yeast so make sure that you get some fresh yeast.
  • Step-2: Add salt and extra virgin oil; the taste of the dough depends on these two ingredients specially.
  • Step-3: Add yeast- sugar mixture to the flour and then add the oil-salt mixture and mix well.
  • Step-4: knead the dough for 10 minutes PIZZA (do not test the dough, just roll and pull forward on the dough. It sprints back when it is kneaded well) wow, see it looks fantastic.
  • Step-5: throw some oil in a dish and put the dough in it. Cover it with a tight cling (or use a towel) Make sure you give an oil wash around the dough before you cover it.
  • Step-6: keep it for 24 hours / if you want 1 hour also. (the flavor and texture increase with the time it keeps to ferment) so to make a yummy pizza make sure you make the dough one day before.
  • Step-7: Take the dough out of the bowl and knead it again.
  • Step-8: cut the knead into 4 pieces (keep the other dough in the refrigerator for later use)
  • Step-9: add a little bit of flour over the dough and cover it with a towel again.
  • Step-10: preheat the oven. Make your oven hot as it possibly can (or use a pizza stone).
  • Step-11: stretch the dough with your hands and flatten it. Shape it

Now the dough is prepared and let’s make,


  • Step-1: add little flour over the pizza plate and place the dough on it. So that the dough wants sticks on the plate.
  • Step-2: spread tomato ketchup over it. (Safety tip: if ketchup is in a can/ tin, store the leftover ketchup in a separate container) you can add more if you love it a lot.
  • Step-3: spread cheese which is shredded by yourself. If you love more cheese you can add more too.
  • Step-4: Now it’s ready to bake let’s put it into the oven or the pizza stone.
  • Step-5: here comes our tasty Marguerite pizza. It looks so yummy. It’s really yummy.


  • Step-1: add little flour over the pizza plate and place the dough on it as said before so it wants to stick on the plate.
  • Step-2: add some olive oil over the dough. This makes it tastier.
  • Step-3: spread cheese as much as you want (add more if you love the taste of cheese a lot) and if you prefer make sure you add some oregano also.
  • Step-4: Now it’s ready to bake let’s put it into the oven or the pizza stone.
  • Step-5: here comes our tasty Pizza Bianca or our white pizza. It looks so delicious and tastes so delicious as the appearance.


  • Step-1: Add little flour over the pizza plate and place the dough on it to avoid sticking.
  • Step-2: Add some oil over the dough.
  • Step-3: spread some chilly tomato ketchup and pepperoni. If you love the savory taste a lot you can add more.
  • Step-4: Now you should put it into the oven.
  • Step-5: You are able to take it out when it is done

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Price range

  • Small- from 3 to 4 USD
  • Medium- from 4 to 6 USD
  • Large- from 6 to 10 USD

**Note that the prices may vary depending on the toppings, but they will stay within the above prize ranges according to their sizes.

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