If you are a person who is interested in fast food, you may probably just go check for a chicken bucket or a big burger bun at Mcdonalds and add it to cart and wait for an hour to eat it so eagerly. That’s so horrible and pathetic, isn’t it? Waiting for hours for your order or calling and answering for thousands of calls? Have you ever tried to make a chicken bucket or a BIG MAC burger at your own place? Just try, it is the best way to have a fresh BIG hamburger to your stomach. Once you eat it, for sure, you’ll eat it everyday.

So , what do you think? What would be the fastest , making a BIG MAC at home and having it with a light heart or to wait to have one BIG MAC delivered to your house with a burnt heart? Definitely the first choice. cause I have tried it. Making a BIG MAC at your home now, you don’t have to worry and don’t have to wait until the delivery boy rings at the door bell for an hour or two, cause now you could make your fast foods at your home faster than the delivered BIG hamburger. It will save your time, your hunger, your eagerness and also some of your pennies in your wallet .Only you need a few ingredients which you use in your day to day foods.


The good in that is, it is healthy cause your BIG hamburger is homemade, you can assure your own food, you can make it as you wish according to your diet plans even rather than that, you don’t have to wait for your food, or depend on others.

So let’s go to the post.. today through this post, I’m going to show you two things.

  • First – How to make a BIG hamburger at your place just like at McDonalds (or maybe better than that)
  • Second – What is the fastest? homemade BIG MAC vs delivered BIG MAC

Lets go and see how to make your homemade BIG hamburger bun,

What you need to make this burger bun is,


  • Mayonnaise
  • Pickles
  • Mustard
  • Onion powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Paprika
  • White pepper
  • Onions
  • lettuce
  • Burger buns
  • Beef
  • Cheese slices

Steps to BIG MAC:

Step 01 :

  • First you have you make a special burger sauce :
  • Add Mayonnaise, Pickles ,Mustard ,Onion powder, Garlic powder, Paprika and white pepper into a small bowl and mix them well.. There you get the special BIG MAC burger sauce. Then keep it aside for a while.

Step 02:

  • peel out onions, wash it and cut the onions into small dices.

Step 03:

  • take some lettuce ,wash it and shred it into thin pieces.

Step 04:

  • then take your buns. You have to cut it into three parts(the bottom
  • bun, middle bun and upper bun) and trim the bottom pieces of the
  • buns.

Step 05:

  • After cutting the buns, get your burner and let it heat.

Step 06:

  • until the burner gets heated, butter the buns well. You have to fry
  • them
  • ** you can use sesame buns or whatever buns you like

Step 07:

  • place the buttered buns in the pan and fry the buns slightly.

Step 08:

  • keep buns aside.

Step 09:

  • take some beef (you have to flat it on the pan like a slice)

Step 10:

  • slightly fry them flipping side to side until it becomes golden
  • brown.

Step 11:

  • split some salt above it.

Step 12:

  • place a sheet of cheese over one slice of beef .

Step 13:

  • take a plate and place the bottom bun on it.

Step 14:

  • then add some lettuce on it

Step 15:

  • place some diced onions on the lettuce also.

Step 16:

  • keep the beef slice with cheese on above that.

Step 17:

  • place two little pickles over the slice of cheese beef and above that one part of buns( the middle bun). You have to apply the special burger sauce( the sauce you prepared very first and kept aside) on that bun. place it on the top.

Step 18:

  • again put some shred lettuce and some onions on the bun
  • and the remaining beef slice also.

Step 19:

  • add two more pickles on the beef slice ad cover the burger with
  • the remaining upper bun greased with special burger sauce.

Step 20:

  • decorate around the bun nicely and now you can serve it to others.

And then here’s your delicious, homemade BIG hamburger ,fully completed within 15minutes and 20 steps, very quickly, effortlessly and healthy..

Doesn’t it look so nice? I think this home made BIG hamburger is much more nice than those ordered BIG hamburger.. What do you think?
You could never imagine a burger with three layers , fresh, healthy ,cost effective and also convenient at Mcdonalds ..yet see your burger having everything in it, arranged so nicely…

The speciality in homemade BIG MAC is that you can make two or three buns within 15 minutes or less than that. and you could save your hunger and money from delivery time and delivery money. and So there you see, Homemade BIG hamburger are much more suitable than home delivered burger buns..

You can also change the ingredients as you wish according to your diet.. If you dislike beef you can add a slice of chicken.. If you dislike lettuce you can add grated carrots.. Or whatever you wish.. The thing is that homemade BIG hamburgers are healthy.. You can have it daily ,cause you know now how to make it..

So , among homemade BIG MAC vs delivered BIG hamburgers I think that
homemade BIG hamburger wins finally. Because in each way it would give you benefits, health, cost effective , efficient and most valuable thing is it saves your time..

So do make your own BIG hamburger bun at your own home next time. Stay healthy.. Live a long life .. don’t wait for delivery boys hour and hours or to call you thousand times.

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